The Creatures of Ecor-117

Bobby rebholz pemagort


The Pemagort is a peaceful creature located in the jungles of Ecor-117.

Bobby rebholz bobby rebholz bafrogort2


The jungles of Ecor117 always seem to reveal new and interesting creatures. We come across one such creature; The Bafrogort. This towering beast spends most of its day feeding on vegetation and minding its own business.

Bobby rebholz bobby rebholz orpachakra

The Orpachokra, one of the largest and most terrifying predators inhabiting the planet Ecor117. A vicious giant, the Orpachokra methodically hunts its prey with a relentless hunger. Equipped with stingers, claws, poison, teeth and 320 degree vision, this

Bobby rebholz banshee

These are some sketch pages for my creature called the Banshee and also to show how I go through my creature design process. This is an extremely deadly insect that can maneuver through tall, thick foliage due to its long legs. It has the ability to re

Bobby rebholz bobby rebholz charnyscarn

As we travel deeper into the jungles of Ecor117, we come across a creature much like the Pemagort. The Charnyscarn is slightly more territorial and grumpy than the Pemagort. Although it naturally will not harm approaching creatures, if it is provoked in a

Bobby rebholz bobby rebholz larkot

Here's a creature called the Larkot. It's a fun swamp critter I've been sketching here and there. I didn't really know how the turnout would be but I did start with a humanoid shape.

Bobby rebholz balcantus


This extremely hostile specimen can be found nesting near swamps and jungle-covered deltas.

Bobby rebholz bokraleech


"As my research team made their way out of the darkness, I spotted the thing as it hovered near the mouth of the underwater cave. My spotlight offered a brief glimpse and I was lucky that it didn't see me."

Bobby rebholz douglas

As scientists first set foot on Ecor117, Dr. Douglas Furs, a leading Entomologist back on Earth, was assigned to study the new insects of the mysterious planet. Little did he know that his life was about to be cut short thanks to an encounter with a vicio

Bobby rebholz hyndrope


Amidst the canopy hangs a deadly foe; a silent, hanging nightmare entangled with the very trees you must maneuver through. Be careful what you touch.

Bobby rebholz hombik


The Hombik is a nasty critter living in the marshlands. It can camouflage itself by perfectly mimicking rocks and will lay still for hours until its prey is close enough. These creatures hunt in packs so you should be careful what you step on.

Bobby rebholz mogaretch

As you travel deep into the jungles, you get a sense that something is following you. No time to react, you hide under large roots nearby because the Mogaretch is a menacing beast with a bottomless apatite. Stay quiet and plan an escape route.

Bobby rebholz oshiturin


This carnivorous bird is a magnificent hunter. It is equipped with razor sharp talons and has a superior sense of sound and smell.

In an effort to streamline my creature sketches for my personal project: Ecor-117, I've decided to construct this post as a field journal from a soldier's or land surveyors' perspective. Ecor-117 is a fictitious planet with a plant-life capable of extending human longevity by hundreds of years. But the planet also houses an array of beasts and a hostile ecosystem. I would like to explore colored versions next but I'll still add to this tab whenever creature note-taking happens. I hope you enjoy!

May 4, 2018